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BPS®M5 Evo®

BPS®M5 Evo®

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G+D’s new BPS® M EVO® series is built with innovation at its core – to meet different cash processing needs today and in the future.

BPS M EVO series: Evolving for a new era

Today’s cash processing faces increasing demand for greater efficiency, sustainability, security, and reliability – the new BPS M EVO series from  G+D will help to meet those needs.

This latest generation of the proven BPS M series, which has delivered over 400 BPS M systems to commercial customers worldwide, features a sleek design facelift with a new delivery module that, paired with the M EVO software at its core, is designed to meet today's and tomorrow's challenges. 

Future-proof innovation With a new unified and consistent platform for all BPS M systems, the M EVO software provides the foundation for all future innovations. The platform features an easy-to-use interface with do-it BPS® M5

What makes the new BPS M EVO series stand out? The new BPS M EVO series takes high-speed banknote   processing to a new level. Systems are engineered to  provide a leap in efficiency, sustainability, security, reliability, and ease of use, with advanced features, including:

  1. M EVO software, a future-proof platform that sets new standards in user-friendliness and IT security, offering  enhanced software maintenance and DIY tools
  2. State-of-the-art visual design (for new BPS M EVO  systems)
  3. Integrated NotaTray® Filling module that streamlines  operations by reducing manual handling and promoting more sustainable cash processing
  4. Superior banknote classification with AI-based  SensorFusion® algorithms, high-resolution UV feature  detection and discrimination of the UV colors used yourself configuration and report editor capabilities that streamline machine operations and increase productivity, while the integrated firewall and encrypted data transmission ensure the system is more secure than ever before. Software maintenance is also enhanced through the implementation of independent software layers, ensuring optimal system cohesion and flexibility.

Start-to-finish service portfolio

Efficient and reliable cash-handling processes are the be-all and end-all for any expert in the cash cycle. Our premium support, with over 1,400 service experts worldwide, ensures optimal solutions  in every phase of the product life cycle.

Automation options

NotaTray banknote boxes improve cash cycle efficiency with seamless logistics and further automating the loading and packing processes:  The integration of the NotaTray Loading module takes automation to  the next level. Using a robotic gripper, the module loads notes into the BPS M5  with a buffer capacity of up to 24,000 banknotes, enabling continuous, uninterrupted operation for up to  20 minutes. The NotaTray Filling module streamlines operations and reduces the cash center’s carbon footprint by using robotics to load loose, processed banknotes into standardized NotaTrays. This eliminates the use of packaging material like singleuse paper and plastics.   The NotaTray Filling module can also be used to stack reject notes into the NotaTrays. This reduces the frequency of manually removing these notes tenfold compared to the classic reject pocket by increasing the reject capacity.  

New sensor innovations Superior banknote classification by AI-based SensorFusion algorithms, High-resolution (30 times higher) UV feature detection, and discrimination of the UV colors used.  NotaScan® Bright sensor detects defects and tampering in the clear window area of polymer banknotes, including holograms.

Proven modularity

The BPS Mevo fulfills any requirement in terms of efficiency, sustainability, security, and automation.  The modular  system can easily be configured or  upgraded to suit all customer needs. Further, the system supports various  operation modes,  including header card deposit processing, for the fastest balancing of deposits  of any size. BPS M5: Powering next-generation cash processing The new BPS M5 system builds on the success of its predecessor, bringing greater  levels of productivity, security, and sustainability to cash operations. The system is built for continuous, heavy-duty operation, processing up to 120,000 banknotes or casino tickets per hour – whether cotton, polymer, or hybrid notes – with maximum counting and sorting accuracy thanks to best-in-market sensors.

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