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ES 3003 - Automated Cash Deposit Machine

ES 3003 - Automated Cash Deposit Machine

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It is intended to optimize the work of cash staff, reduce the risks for its storage and create new competitive advantages for banks, collecting companies and courier services.

Reliable and Certified Safe

is a reliable device designed to optimize cash operations of staff, reduce the risks of storing this cash and create new competitive advantages of a banking institution in the service segment of small and medium businesses

Solves Business Tasks

  1. Encashment at a convenient time
  2. Online crediting of money to the current account
  3. Staff cost reduction (automatic recalculation and validation banknotes)
  4. Security (once money is deposited into device - it is covered by the settlement bank security according with legislation)
  5. Easy API integration with other SW

Technical Specs

1. Capacity: up to 30,000 banknotes

2. Speed of Accepting Banknotes: 1,200 banknotes per minute

3. Basic Equipment: 

  • 10-15" touch screen for machine control
  • Certified ATM class safe
  • Receipt printer 80 mm 
  • Cash-in module from Giesecke & Devrient


  • High security level (steel case with lock, floor mount, alarm, etc)
  • Integration with the banking core, remote monitoring of technical conditions and the level of cash deposit.

Hardware Solutions

  • Automation of the bank branch or merchant's shop
  • Online crediting money to the current bank account
  • Implementation of accounting models according to customer requirements
  • Redirection of customers to the self service area
  • Reduction of staff time

What Matters is Result

Evaluate the benefits of your own business after implementing our solution

Large Capacity

Accepting cash in a bundle, allows you to minimize the time spent on depositing funds. Large capacity of the bag reduces the need for daily collection, which reduces customer costs

Cost Savings

Acceptance of payment for goods and services through an automated cash deposit machine with subsequent online crediting of funds to the banking account, allows you to increase the turnover of the company's funds and reduce the cost of maintaining a standard cash desk

Business Cases

Bank branches, automated cash desks for accepting payment for goods and services in retail, depositing funds from couriers and delivery services, accepting payments for real estate


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