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BPS® C6 - 8 stackers

BPS® C6 - 8 stackers

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BPS® C6: setting new bench­marks to move you ahead

Speed, sorting, sensors, connectivity: The BPS® C6 is setting new standards in its segment, in all these areas. Discover this high-performance giant among desktop processing systems today.

Whether in cash centers, commercial banks, or casinos the BPS® C6 provides that critical head start where medium to large banknote volumes need to be processed in demanding heavy duty operation. The system has been specifically developed to further enhance efficiency in banknote processing, to reduce costs, and to give customers an unmatched competitive edge. 

The BPS® C6 offers a nominal throughput of up to 72,000 banknotes per hour, sophisticated high-level sensor technology, a modular concept with up to 20 output stackers, optional automated banding and an extremely robust design. These features enable the BPS® C6 to support customers in overcoming current and future challenges in banknote processing.

Security you can rely on

The advanced sensor technology in the BPS C6 is the best in its class, and has been developed specifically for the needs of commercial banknote processing. The features of the all-in-one sensor include a high-resolution Contact Image Sensor (CIS) for detecting currencies, denominations, orientations, and fitness criteria; an OCR function for reliable serial number recognition; and IR, MAG, and UV sensors for authentication. Composed banknotes can also be reliably recognized by the integrated thickness sensor. While the integrated automated pusher plate and feeder guide ensure that even low quality banknotes can be processed smoothly.

Benefits at a glance

  • Superior authentication and fitness sorting: Rapid, precise, reliable 
  • Robust design: Reliable and durable, even in demanding heavy-duty operation
  • Throughput: Consistently high nominal throughput of up to 72,000 banknotes per hour in all operation modes. The fastest-in-class desktop processing system
  • User-friendly operation: A large 10” color touch display for easy, intuitive operation and customization
  • Flexibility: Various configuration options from adjustable stacker configuration, through changeable operation modes up to easy field upgradability
  • Productivity: the Bander Unit processes more banknotes in less time with automated banding
  • Networking: Easy integration into cash management software and the BPS Ecosystem   

Modules & services

Performance, tailored to your individual goals

All that matters are your requirements: The highly flexible concept of the BPS® C6 can be precisely adapted to your individual requirements. A huge range of processing and sorting tasks can be completed with variants that have from 4 to 20 output stackers. 

Software, service and consultancy

The BPS® C6 also features all the modern interfaces for embedding into integrated network solutions. For example, system interaction between cash management software (e.g. Compass Cash Center Enterprise) and the diverse range of solutions in the BPS Eco system, open up additional ways to further enhance efficiency, transparency, and reliability in banknote processing.      

Automated banding for increased productivity

The optional BPS® C6 Bander Unit enables operators to process higher numbers of banknotes in the same amount of time. The BU gives operators the ability to combine automated and manual banding to improve throughput. It can be interfaced to the BPS® C6 input and extension modules and to existing machines.

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